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Disaster Response

Our network of offices enables GAiN to mobilise resources wherever there is a disaster through our shared distribution networks we can respond quickly to places in need of emergency humanitarian aid. On the ground we partner with like-minded NGOs and local churches to bring an even greater and longer lasting impact to the community’s, local volunteers can deliver aid targeted to the most needy groups.

Hope in Haiti

In January 2010 Haiti was hit by an earthquake that killed 316,000 people and left 1.85 million without homes. At the time of the disaster GAiN was able to respond with sending basic emergency supplies and built a warehouse to store these supplies ready for distribution. During this time it became clear that Haiti is in need of longer-term help in reconstructing their communities. GAiN had the opportunity to partner with a local orphanage to rebuild a children’s centre to help bring hope for the next generation.

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Refugee Relief

When families choose to flee their homes to escape the terrors or war, this is not an easy choice. To leave everything they have known and worked for, for an uncertain future. For many of them the decision to flee is just the beginning of their traumatic journey to safety and so often the conditions that they are met with are far from providing them with the shelter and supplies that they need to survive.

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