Back in October, a joint GAiN team from the UK and Netherlands went to volunteer at Moria, the new arrivals refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece. What followed was a series of events that were neither planned nor expected, but resulted in another team returning in February to assemble large tents donated from the Mission Impossible set! 

Facebook & Flimsy Tents
Danielle was part of the GAiN team that headed to Lesvos in October.  She set up a private Facebook group to share updates with friends at home about her experiences at the refugee camp. In one of her updates, Danielle shared that many refugee families were sleeping through cold nights under inadequate, flimsy tents. Her friend Tim happened to read this update.  Tim knew that …

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Helping with heart and hand

Global Aid Network UK (GAiN UK) exists to demonstrate unconditional love to the poor and marginalised through relief and development projects around the world.