Refugee Crises in Greece

Huge Donation from The South African Congregation
What a strange year. It was a year of isolation. A year where we were distracted from familiar things, everyday habits, our normal movements, our friends and even family. It has been a year of reflection about what is really necessary and important.
As many of you probably did, we as a family used the time for a good “spring clean”. I literally threw out everything we didn’t use. From bedding – to the towels that are still in their packaging. Clothes that once fitted – many, many years ago… to the children’s toys they do not play with.
We sorted everything out and packed it in boxes. It was “brutal”, and Andre had some anxious moments as I sorted out.
It was liberating to get rid of everything and I realized the abundance we have. It made me think of the refugees and how they had …

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